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About Alice

About Alice Thorpe
Alice Thorpe Graphic Designer and YouTuber - Aged 23

Hi, I’m Alice! I am a graphic designer, illustrator and YouTube vlogger. I’ve been documenting my life online since 2015 and have loved being creative from a very young age.

After initially dabbling in the art of photography, then moving onto university for an even bigger challenge. I have now found myself working as a freelance graphic designer - and I’m loving it!

I’ve decided that now is the time to combine my two loves; YouTube and graphic design. To share with you what I have learnt over the years and help you become the best creative you can be!


How it all began…

Setting trends since 1995

Setting trends since 1995

From a very young age I’ve always been the creative one in the family. I was obsessed with making things and always asked for those creativity kits. I remember spending hours and hours making things, creating my own little masterpieces with, feathers, glitter, pipe cleaners and whatever I could find in my craft box. I had spent a few years doing art in secondary school, but lost my love for it after being told what to make and when to make it (I’ve never taken well to being told what to do). At the age of sixteen, I discovered a big love for photography. I saved up all of my pocket money, got myself a job as a waitress, and bought myself my own DSLR - a big girl camera.

The first day I drove down the motorway to Xscape by myself.

The first day I drove down the motorway to Xscape by myself.

So that was it, that was what I set my heart on, I was going to be a photographer. I went through hours and hours of online tutorials and taught myself photoshop. I saved up for a backdrop and lights, and I created a Facebook page and asked everyone I knew to share what I was up to. By this time I’d done a few photoshoots for my dance school, a wedding, portrait photography and whatever else I could find. Then, at the age of 17 I was hired by a local event photographer called Bill.

To start with, I worked at Xscape Castleford where I took photos of people on the climbing wall and aerial assault course. When summer came around, I got to work in a small team photographing kids sporting tournaments. My job initially was to take photos of the kids, but then after rather a large mishap (involving the gazebo flying away in the wind), I was put on the editing and sales desk. I managed to get things back on track, and I think it was then that Bill realised I was better suited behind the screen.

I spent a year or two, managing the desk at tournaments, manning the photobooth and joining Bill on corporate events. I was then out of sixth form and looking for more work. Even though I’d continued my solo ‘Alice Thorpe Photography’ venture, I wanted more and Bill saw that, thus he asked me to work for him in the office during the week. Two days a week, quickly turned to six and I was helping with the behind the scenes stuff which I loved the most. This lead to Bill promoting me to Assistant Manager of the company at the age of 19. I was thrilled and this was exactly what I wanted - or at least I though it was. Despite my amazing boss and lovely co-workers, I needed something new, exciting and more challenging. Which is when I spontaneously decided to go to university.

Myself and Bill boogying at the 2016 Christmas party.

Myself and Bill boogying at the 2016 Christmas party.

After two years away from education, I’d visited the uni, got that excited feeling I’d been craving and decided it was a go! That night I created and sent off my UCAS application and officially applied to the University of Lincoln to study Media Production. The next two weeks were a blur of emails, phone calls, money worries, and a week-long holiday that we’d booked months prior (bad timing on my part). Two days after returning from my relaxing holiday, I was in my accommodation and ready for my new crazy university life.

My first year was tough, I travelled home every weekend to work for Bill. And because I wasn’t in Lincoln much, I struggled to find my feet. Second year was much better! I’d made a solid group of friends, lived in a proper house and chose the two subjects that I enjoyed the most - design and digital media. I was loving being creative and having a blast with my friends.

Graduation Day September 2018

Graduation Day September 2018

My final year was a rollercoaster. This was the year that I realised my true love for design; I chose it as my ‘major’ and spent pretty much all of my time thinking or doing design. Though, I also had a dissertation to write (aka 10,000 words of pure hell), amongst tedious group work. After that final deadline was over, I didn’t know what to do with myself. It was a scary time, but I had some exciting things to keep me going. I got an office!!

I moved back to Doncaster to live with my parents and because my brother moved out, I swiftly took over his room and made it my own little work space. This was the start of my little personal overhaul. I did commissions and small projects, I worked for Bill every so often and I was just doing my own thing waiting for graduation to arrive. Graduation came and went, it was incredible, it was everything I had worked towards for the past three years. But now what? Here I am again, lost and confused. What on earth am I going to do with my life? After some intense research, plenty of podcast listening and webinar watching. I slowly began to find my feet through combining my graphic design and YouTube worlds.

Alice Thorpe Graphic Designer and YouTuber

I suppose that brings us to now. I’m currently working full time as a freelance creative. I have a few different projects going on. The main one being this website that you are currently on. This is my baby, it’s a place for you to learn, share and make friends. I want to share my graphic design journey with you, and hopefully we can help each other out along the way. I’m not saying I’m an expert, but I have a passion for the subject and I have the drive to get sh*t done. Watch this space.


Here is a selection of my favourite pieces of work. I’ve done a range of different design applications such as logo design, digital portraiture, branding design and murals.


Brand Collaborations

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with some really exciting brands. Below are just a few of my previous and ongoing collaborations. It’s been a pleasure working with them all!